Explore Gift by Riva - IPhone cover

Explore Gift by Riva - IPhone cover


€ 90.00


The Riva iPhone cover offers stylish elegance and perfection that is synonymous with the Riva yacht brand.

IPhone® 14-13-12/12PRO Cover (wooden case) € 90
IPhone® 14 PLUS Cover (wooden case) € 90
IPhone® 14-13 PRO Cover (wooden case) € 90
IPhone® 14-13-12/12PRO (wooden case) Cover € 90
IPhone® 12 MINI Cover (wooden case) € 90
IPhone® 11, 11 PRO E 11 PRO MAX Cover (wooden case)  € 90
IPhone® X/XS, XR, XS MAX Cover (wooden case)  € 90

Content: 1 wooden iPhone case

Available for IPhone® 14/14 PRO/14 PLUS, 13/13 PRO, 12/12 PRO/ 12MINI, 11/11 PRO/ 11PRO MAX, X/XS, XR, XS MAX



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